You have upset him, you have made him angry. He looks upon you with scorn and rage. You have yielded yourself to the giver of Life, and there is one who cannot stand the sight of light shining from your face. And you shine His light before man to see. The lost become found, the deaf hear, the dead rise. The Spirit of God inside of you meddles with all of his wicked plans. Your very life lived for God, thwarts his schemes, plucks the prey right from his teeth.

{And it makes him angry
He wants it to stop, now.}

He wraps his grimy hands around you, and he chokes fierce. He hopes he can cause the light in your eyes to dim, to go away. You hear his subtle voice crawl into your ears, “Promise me you’ll stop, and I’ll leave you alone forever.” For a moment, his words are like candy. Anything, anything to get him to let you go.

But you hear a Voice truer, kinder, gentler. And you know that everything your enemy speaks is a lie. And you know that all of this is worth it. Intimacy with God is worth this, souls saved is worth this, darkness overcome is worth this, enemy fleeing is worth THIS.

He tries to make you think that he has control of your life. But he doesn’t. God reigns supreme, and He works all things together for good. And everything the enemy does to try and stop God working through your life only generates more power.

You see, he’s really just a big fool. He’s good at getting angry, and he’s good at retaliating. But who can stretch his hand against the LORD’s anointed and be guiltless? He may think he’s gaining ground, he may even think that he’s successfully causing you to shrink back. To his surprise, he will be soon be running in retreat. Because the one that touches you, touches the apple of God’s eye. And HE does not leave us defenseless. He does not leave us defeated. He rescues! And He does abundantly above and beyond all we ask or think, far above and beyond what we see in our circumstances.

It’s hard. It hurts. And sometimes, we just want to be left alone. Some days we want to throw in the towel to get this target off our backs. But this target that we wear, it is an honor. It is the very stamp of God’s Spirit Work in our lives. We cannot be deceived by what the enemy himself believes. He thinks he is in control, he thinks he is gaining ground. But no, our GOD is on the move! And this is merely the proof.

Written to me by sweet Leah.<3